Jumpstart™ Motorcycle Simulator

Motorcycle Simulator

An Authentic Riding Experience

If you’re interested in learning to ride but have never been on a bike before please come in and try our JUMPSTART™! The JumpStart combines a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with a specially-designed, stationary support stand. No knowledge or previous motorcycle experience necessary. The motorcycle will not move.

You’ll mount the bike, set your boots on the foot pegs and fire up the engine under the watchful eye of our trained personnel. And then, sitting comfortably on the bike, you’ll give the throttle a twist and continue to shift through the gears all safely and securely attached to the JUMPSTART™ platform. You can then sign up for our Riding Academy Course with confidence, knowing that learning to ride is just what you need to jump start your riding experience! To learn even more about riding you can also attend our H-D 101 or Garage Party events.

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