Cooling Gear to keep ya cool this summer

July 2nd, 2021 by

Harley Cooling Gear

Stay COOL this summer with Cooling Ride Gear!

It’s hard to focus on your ride if you are focused on being uncomfortable. It’s a no-brainer… you ride better when you aren’t overheated. You’re safer and happier. What’s not to love? Come check out our selection of rider-specific Cooling Gear.


Need help? Our MotorClothes staff is ready to help you find what you’re looking for!


98186-17VM - Dual Cool Cooling Vest & Cooling Kit

Dual Cool Cooling Vest & Cooling Kit – 98186-17VM

98201-13VM - Hydration Cooling Vest

Harley Hydration Cooling Vest – 98201-13VM

Trenton Helmets 98104-20VX

– TrentonPerforated Helmets (90 Ways to Stay cool!) –

98104-20VX, 98105-20VX, 98106-20VX

Smokeshow Fingerless Mixed Media Gloves 97118-21VM

– Smokeshow Fingerless Mixed Media Gloves –

97118-21VM, 97122-21VW

Men's Vented Performance Shirts 96426-21VM

– Men’s Vented Performance Shirts –

96426-21VM, 9034-15VM, 99193-19VM

Performance Wicking Tees & Tanks 99063-21VM

– Performance Wicking Tees & Tanks –

99063-21VM, 98743-20VW, 96083-20VW, 98742-20VW

We also have a large assortment of Hair Glove Brand products to keep you cool.


Supplies are limited, in-store selection may vary.

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